I have grown up being very frustrated shopping for clothes. Never being a lover of high street fashion I have always struggled finding clothes that grab my fancy. For me looking good but feeling comfortable is a necessity and I have recently discovered, some amazing clothes and jewellery that do just that and I felt now was the time to share my love for the quirky urban boho look.

I enjoy the freedom of looking a bit different and catching the eyes of others, and the response from people who want to know where to buy if from, so to all my fellow free spirits, now’s the time to shop with me….

The best thing about these types of clothes is their timeless, they don’t follow high street fashion, so you wear your clothes to suit your mood, whether its in this year or next, its all about your style and not what everyone else is wearing. I want you to have fun with what you wear and feel comfortable in them at the same time

Its hard to describe the clothes you will find in my store as they don’t follow any one real style, my main focus is on hippy boho, with an urban ethnic twist, with the clothes being regularly updated with new treasures there will always be something to suit.