Embracing Boho

Embracing boho

If you’ve landed on this page, then we’re guessing you are already inspired by a love of not only great looking clothes and accessories, buy also your love of Boho, something that Wild Feather work hard at capturing the essence of.

Gypsy Woman

With a definite hard work ethic, the Boho look allowed gypsy women to get on their day whilst still feeling good about the way they look courtesy of freedom of movement but with features such as a lower bustline with adjustable shoulder line or clinched waist that exuded femininity.

Past to Present

Bringing things back up to date, the term has more recently frequently been associated with the hippie movement, coming into increased prominence in the 1960s with its look of tie-dye, paisley and vivid flowers patterns.

Perfect for festivals and without the need to conform to a specified length, beauty comes courtesy of looser cuts that still manage to flatter.

Full of bold colour and without the need to match items, Boho dressing meant that at last people could break free of fashion convention and simply dress as they wanted to. And that same feel has stayed with the look, with today’s Boho items really embodying a breakaway from having to follow the usual high street designer fashion to the letter yet still allowing you to be stylish in equal measure.

This Autumn/Winter 2017 season sees a rich freedom of fabric to let you feel luxurious yet it has been balanced with a level of movement that lets you get on with your day knowing that you look your best.

This patchwork skirt is the perfect example of this with its exquisite attention to detail courtesy of a myriad of patterns, insert float panels and figure flattering side lace up feature. Conjuring up a real 1970s vibe means that it sits well with current fashion trends.

The ideal partner is this sleeveless waistcoat inspired top that can be worn with a long sleeved top underneath in colder weather. Skilfully and subtly blending mixed fabric designs, the result is Boho perfection!

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